I’m Attending “Freeze”…or, social media strikes again…or, the third time’s the charm…

I’m excited that I’m attending “The Broke Socialite Does…Freeze” on June 19 in Atlanta. This is my third attempt to attend a TBS event; I couldn’t make the original Sugar Coma event back in January because of the Daniel Fast, and I missed Sugar Coma Redux in early May due to a ministry-related urgency.

I’m thrilled to take part in an event put on by my really good friend Shameeka Ayers, a.k.a. The Broke Socialite. I’ve known Shameeka just about as long as I’ve known anybody (…except for family and Trey Bailey…); she’s a true friend and a lifestyle blogger/social media guru who puts on these really cool events. Shameeka has a refreshing blend of Southern charm and classy style; in other words, she’s fancy without being uppity, cool without being pretentious.

Both Sugar Coma events visited bakeries in Atlanta to sample decadent treats…Sugar Coma is expanding to North Atlanta, Savannah, and beyond, by the way… My fellow Freeze attendees and I get to sample luxurious frozen treats…perfect for summer, huh? It’s gonna be fun, and I can’t wait!

The success of the Sugar Coma events, Freeze, and Graze, as well as other upcoming TBS events, is evidence of the power of social media in creating buzz and getting people together to celebrate the good things in life and just have fun. The Broke Socialite empire has been built on harnessing social media to its fullest potential, and it’s working.

To find out more about The Broke Socialite Does… events, click here. (Not to sound sexist, but ladies would love the blog. It’s not so much for us guys, but it’s fun reading. Forgive me for saying so…)

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