From PJ Media: Ole Miss Coach Resigns Over Call to Escort Service and NCAA Violations

Just over three months ago, I wrote about University of Mississippi head football coach Hugh Freeze. Freeze carried a public persona of not just a capable coach, but a man of faith and a father figure to the young men he led on the football field. That image crumbled like a house of cards as Freeze resigned from his position on Thursday night, amidst allegations of NCAA violations against his football program and a shocking personal scandal.

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From The Resurgent: The Washington Redskins Get To Keep Their Trademark Rights, Thanks To The Supreme Courts…And An Indie Band

Good news for the Washington Redskins in their long trademark battle against the federal government. That’s right, the patent office has dropped their case against the NFL team over what Obama and his White House considered an offensive nickname.

Why did it happen? A recent Supreme Court case involving, of all entities, an indie band, led the feds to reverse course.

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From PJ Media: Atheist Group Says College Must Ban Football Coach From Tweeting About God

Hugh Freeze is a terrific football coach. He has taken the University of Mississippi from the lower ranks of the SEC to a contender nearly every year.

Freeze is also a man of deep faith who cares about his players and the Ole Miss family. Back in 2014, the Washington Post profiled the coach in a feature about faith and football in the South. (Hey, didn’t somebody write a book that included those topics?)

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From The Resurgent: Fitness Writer Cheats Her Way to a Near-Record Half Marathon. Here’s How She Got Caught.

Running culture is a definite rare breed all its own. Runners can find races almost every weekend on the calendar – in fact, my sister and brother-in-law are running a half marathon at Disney World this weekend.

Jane Seo, a 24-year old fitness writer based in New York City, has written articles like  as “How I Learned to Love Running, One Race at a Time” and “Four Reasons Why I Keep Running Obstacle Races, One After Another” at the Huffington Post. She finished in second at last weekend’s Fort Lauderdale Half Marathon with an impressive time of an hour and 21 minutes, just over 15 minutes shy of the world women’s record.

But as people started to take a closer look at Seo’s time, her impressive feat began to unravel.

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From The Resurgent: Chicago Sports Broadcaster Reveals His Ugly Disdain for the American People

Chicago sportscaster Mark Giangreco has a reputation for making his opinions known. Unfortunately, his reputation as a vile, hate-spewing Leftist may overtake his standing in the world of sports broadcasting.

The trouble for Giangreco began in response to a tweet from Toronto Star sports columnist Bruce Arthur…

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From PJ Media: Mother of Paralyzed Football Player Can Hardly Believe What the Opposing Team Just Did for Her Family in Flood-Ravaged Baton Rouge

It’s great to be a Georgia Bulldog…

In the midst of the devastating, heartbreaking floods in Louisiana that have killed at least seven people and forced authorities to rescue 20,000 people, there’s at least one glimmer of hope. The family of a paralyzed former college football player received aid from an unexpected place – unexpected, that is, unless you know the whole story.

For Devon Gales, life changed in the most dramatic of ways on September 26 of last year. That was the day the defensive back and special teams player from Southern University suffered a hit that left Gales paralyzed from the neck down.

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Featured photo: Devon Gales suffered a paralyzing neck injury during a September football game at Georgia. (AP Photo/Richard Hamm/Athens Banner-Herald)

From PJ Media: ‘Nationless’ Refugee Olympic Team Ran for Their Lives Before They Competed for Gold

This year’s Olympic Games feature a team of ten competitors who are athletes without a nation. In March, the International Olympic Committee established a team of refugees with the goal of serving as “a symbol of hope for all the refugees in our world, and will make the world better aware of the magnitude of this crisis,” in the words of IOC president Thomas Bach, who also said, “These refugee athletes will show the world that, despite the unimaginable tragedies they have faced, anyone can contribute to society through their talent, skills and strength of the human spirit.”

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From PJ Media: Legendary Basketball Coach Pat Summitt Known for Her Faith, Hard Work, and Character

One of the foremost names in college sports — especially in the South — has lost her battle with Alzheimer’s. Pat Summitt, who spent an astounding 38 years coaching women’s basketball at the University of Tennessee, was 64.

Summitt grew up in Clarksville, Tennessee, and she played college hoops at the University of Tennessee-Martin, where she received All-American honors. In 1976, she played on the silver medal-winning team at the Montreal Olympics, and eight years later she coached the gold medal-winning team in Los Angeles.

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From PJ Media: Kicker Blair Walsh Takes the Blame—and a Social Media Beating—for a Missed Field Goal

We’ve seen how brutal football fans can be toward the players they claim to support faithfully, and it seems like kickers take more lumps than other players do. The latest example of this phenomenon is Blair Walsh, the Minnesota Vikings kicker who missed a potentially game-winning 27-yard field goal in the Wild Card playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.

After the game, Walsh was teary-eyed but honest about what went wrong.

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From PJ Media: LeBron James’ Statement of Faith

When most people think of Lebron James, they think one thing: basketball superstar. And the reasons why are pretty clear.

Others may think differently when they hear James’ name mentioned. Overhyped media darling. Object of hero worship. And the reasons for those are telling as well.

Perhaps we should add another description to our impressions of LeBron James: man of faith.

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Featured image: Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James is guarded by Indiana Pacers Solomon Hill during the fourth quarter of a NBA basketball game Friday March 20, 2015 in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Aaron Josefczyk)