From The Resurgent: McConnell Watches Support for His Obamacare Repeal Vote Slip Away

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has vowed to move forward with his plan to vote on repealing Obamacare, even though it looks like support for this vote among his GOP colleagues is slipping away.

The erosion of support began with three female senators: Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), Susan Collins (R-ME), and Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV), who have all said they would not consider repealing Obamacare without a replacement ready to go. (To paraphrase an Atlanta radio host I heard yesterday, it’s funny how the GOP opposition to conservative ideas always seems to start with Murkowski and Collins.)

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From The Resurgent: Politico Demonstrates a Shortsighted View of the Book of Proverbs

The way the news media approach scripture is always interesting. Quite often, the only time you’ll see a reporter or author quoting scripture in the media is when they are using a verse against a conservative, to call him or her a hypocrite or to throw a verse or two in his or her face (often out of context).

The latest example? Over at Politico, Joel Baden, a professor of Hebrew Bible at Yale Divinity School, has noticed that Marco Rubio has been tweeting scripture verses lately, many of them from Proverbs. So Baden decided to hold forth on what he calls “probably the most Republican book of the entire Bible.

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From The Resurgent: Steve Scalise Continues to Recover, Undergoes Surgery for Infection

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) continues to recover at MedStar Washington Hospital Center from the gunshot wounds he suffered last month. When doctors discovered an infection in the wounds, they downgraded his condition from fair to serious and placed him back in intensive care.

Scalise underwent surgery to remove the infection on Thursday, and doctors say he “tolerated the procedure well,” though he remains in ICU so that his medical team can monitor his progress more closely.

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From The Resurgent: Canada Agrees To Pay $10 Million To The Islamic Terrorist Who Killed An American Solider

Yesterday, as we Americans celebrated the birth of our country and the freedoms that our homeland affords, and days after Canadians celebrated their independence, the Canadian government agreed to pay $10.5 million to Omar Khadr, a Canadian-born Muslim who radicalized, became a terrorist, and killed an American soldier in a firefight in Afghanistan.

Canada’s Supreme Court ruled that Khadr, who was 15 when American troops captured him after a grenade he threw ended the life of U.S. Army Sgt. First Class Christopher Speer, deserved an apology and reparations for his treatment at Guantanamo Bay.

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From PJ Media: Robert Jeffress’ Church Choir Debuts ‘Make America Great Again’ Hymn for Trump

On July 1, a rally entitled Celebrate Freedom took place at the Kennedy Center in Washington. The event featured a speech by President Donald Trump and music from the orchestra and choir of First Baptist Church of Dallas…

It’s wonderful to love your country. It’s a great thing to pray for America. It’s perfectly understandable to view our freedoms as a blessing from God. But at the same time, it’s frightening that far too many people who claim to follow Christ are willing to allow Him to take a back seat to patriotism, nationalism, and Republican politics.

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From The Resurgent: Ben Sasse Brilliantly Weighs In On Trump-Vs.-The-Press

Sometimes I wonder if Ben Sasse tires of being the smartest guy in the room. The Republican Senator from Nebraska always seems to have the right things to say and delivers it in just the right way.

This time, Sasse has weighed in on President Donald Trump’s ongoing war with the media. He appeared on Jake Tapper’s State of the Union to discuss Trump’s attacks on various elements in the media. He shared his thought that the president’s words and actions damage America’s view of a free press:

“I mean there’s an important distinction to draw between bad stories or crappy coverage, and the right that citizens have to argue about that and complain about that, and trying to weaponize distrust,” Sasse told [Tapper].

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From The Resurgent: BREAKING: Greta Van Susteren Out At MSNBC – Details…

Well that didn’t take long.

Less than six months into her new gig at MSNBC, Greta Van Susteren is out.

Though Van Susteren didn’t elaborate on Twitter, Vanity Fair had more details:

The anchor, whose show struggled to gain traction even as the rest of her colleagues were buoyed by anti-Trump hysteria, has parted ways with the network. She will not appear on the show on Thursday evening. She will be permanently replaced by Ari Melber, the network’s chief legal correspondent and host of the The Point on weekends. He will continue to appear across NBC and MSNBC shows as he takes over the 6 p.m. slot next month. (MSNBC and NBC News declined to comment. Reached by phone Thursday afternoon, Van Susteren had no comment.)

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From The Resurgent: Whoops! Would-Be ISIS Suicide Bomber Prematurely Blows Up As His Colleagues Wish Him Good Luck

We’ve heard so much of the horror of Islamic terror – especially from ISIS – so much over the last few years that it’s easy to assume that they can’t get any more barbaric or cruel. Even they way the celebrate a suicide bomber is beyond the pale.

Apparently, ISIS gives their suicide bombers what they call a “blood party,” a sort of send off where they wish their colleague good luck in committing another bloodbath.

Well, sometimes the horrendous tactics of terrorists can come back to haunt them. The suicide vest of one would-be ISIS suicide bomber prematurely went off during a blood party in Diyala, Iraq, killing the would-be suicide bomber and 11 of his fellow terrorists as they wished him well.

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From The Resurgent: McMullin Abandons Credibility, Calls Trump “First Russian President”

In the run up to the election, McMullin had a clear conservative message that resonated with me. Yes, his bid for the White House was quixotic, but he gave conservatives a choice they could be proud of. It was easy for me to vote for him and still hold my head high, again partially because I knew I could vote third party and still not hand Georgia’s electoral votes over to Hillary Clinton.

Since the election, McMullin’s message has become somewhat of a more nuanced version of the eight-year-old’s argument: “Donald Trump’s a jerk.” Unlike so many conservatives who are at least willing to give Trump the benefit of the doubt and call balls and strikes when necessary, McMullin is operating from a hardline Never Trump stance.

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