From PJ Media: ‘I Believe in Liberty’: A Conversation with Austin Petersen

I had the pleasure of speaking with Austin Petersen, a Republican candidate for the Senate from Missouri. You may remember him from his candidacy for the Libertarian Party nomination for president last year.

Petersen isn’t what you immediately think of when you think of a Libertarian. He’s thoughtful, engaging, and intelligent, and I believe he has a bright future ahead in politics. We had a terrific conversation, touching on issues like religious liberty and the right to life — and we talked about the future of small-l libertarianism.

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From The Resurgent: Deidre Scaramucci Filed for Divorce While Nine Months Pregnant

We’re just learning that Anthony Scaramucci’s wife Deidre was nine months pregnant when she filed for divorce. She has been so angry with her now-estranged husband that the two have been separated for nearly half a year.

Page Six reports that Deidre has since given birth to a son, James, who was born two weeks early and was in neonatal intensive care as of the end of last week.

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From The Resurgent: BRILLIANT: GOP Senator Wants Democrats to Go on Record Supporting Single-Payer Healthcare

One Republican senator has devised a genius strategy to call out Democrats who support single-payer health care: by forcing them to vote on it. Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) wants to add an amendment to the Obamacare replacement legislation that would implement single-payer healthcare. By doing so, Democrats who support it will go on record, even though the measure is as doomed as the rest of the health care bills so far.

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From The Resurgent: Queens Woman Confronts Bill DeBlasio in the Most New York Way Possible

As New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio gave a press conference in the Whitestone neighborhood in Queens last week, a 63-year-old woman got out of her car to berate the mayor over his treatment of police officers, and the confrontation was the stuff that Hollywood screenwriters wish they could invent.

“You let your police officers down!” Hizzoner’s perhaps fiercest, most fearless foe — a silver-haired firebrand named Vickie Paladino — shouted, jumping out of her car to berate him after noticing him giving a press conference in her Whitestone neighborhood.

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From The Resurgent: Jerk College Professor Hates on Cancer Victim John McCain

In this world there are genuine human beings who care about their fellow man no matter what. They pray for or send well wishes to those in need, regardless of common ground or similar beliefs or ideas, and they don’t let political pettiness get in the way of decency.

And then there are people like Jonathan Graubart. The political science professor at San Diego State University published a Facebook post on Friday (now deleted) expressing his anger and dismay at the fact that people of all political persuasions wished Senator John McCain (R-AZ) well as he faces cancer.

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From The Resurgent: Mounting Threats Against the Hospital Treating Charlie Gard Show How Low the Advocates of Death Can Sink

The UK hospital treating Charlie Gard, a baby with a rare genetic disorder who has become the center of a controversy regarding medical treatment for the terminally ill, is receiving threats against staff members. The Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) released a statement over the weekend regarding the threats.

“Staff have received abuse both in the street and online,” the statement continued. “Thousands of abusive messages have been sent to doctors and nurses whose life’s work is to care for sick children. Many of these messages are menacing, including death threats. Families have been harassed and discomforted while visiting their children, and we have received complaints of unacceptable behavior even within the hospital itself.

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From The Resurgent: Trump Administration Slashes Through Red Tape, Cutting 16 Regulations for Every New One

The Trump administration is apparently cutting enough red tape to start a ticker tape parade. Tasked with a goal of cutting two regulations for every new one enacted, the administration has gone on a tear, slashing rules at a rate of 16 to one in its first six months.

Neomi Reo, the new administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs in the Office of Management and Budget, has called this first half-year’s actions “a beginning” and noted that the OMB is going after the “regulatory state.”

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From The Resurgent: Analysis Shows Surprising News about the Cruz Amendment

As the latest GOP attempt to replace Obamacare with – well, anything – crumbles to dust, new analysis from the Department of Health and Human Services shows surprising news about Ted Cruz’ amendment to the bill. It turns out that the Cruz Amendment, which would allow insurers to offer any plan as long as they offer one Obamacare-compliant plan would lower premiums and increase enrollment, according to the HHS report.

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From The Resurgent: Politico Goes After Trump for Not Being Fitness-Trainer-in-Chief

I’ve gone on record many times as not the greatest fan of Donald Trump. I’ve been willing to give him the benefit of the doubt as president, while at the same time being willing to call balls and strikes on him and his administration.

Nevertheless, the media never cease to amaze me with their incessant nitpicky criticisms of Trump. This time, Politico is going after Trump for his apparent lack of commitment to physical fitness – even going so far as to call him the “least athletic president in generations” in the sub-headline to Ben Strauss’ article.

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From The Resurgent: San Francisco Thinks Preventing Imaginary Racism Is More Important Than Solving Crimes

Liberals love to gin up fears of racism. Remember the constant drumbeat of “Islamophobia” from the left after 9/11? Within days of the attack, liberals began wringing their hands over fears of retaliatory attacks against completely innocent Muslims. We see it time and time again, where the left fears reprisals against minorities, and over and over their worst fears don’t come true.

This time, Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), San Francisco’s transit authority, has refused to release surveillance footage of robberies that have taken place at BART facilities over the past few months. The reason? BART fears that the footage will foment racism. No joke.

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