From The Resurgent: College Students Are Using Student Loans To Finance Spring Break Fun

I can remember my college days at the University of Georgia way back in…well, let’s just say it was a few years ago. It was easy to keep my education and the fun that went along with being in college separate. I wasn’t a partier, so I didn’t really do the whole crazy Spring Break thing, but never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined using the money set aside for my education to get wild at Panama City Beach.

Seems like that’s not the case these days. Just when we thought that portions of the millennial generation couldn’t get any more frustrating, along comes evidence that a staggering percentage of college students are using federal student loan money to party.

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From PJ Media: The 6 Most Undeserving Best Picture Oscar Winners

Well, here we are…we’ve come to the final part of our series on Oscar’s most undeserving winners. We’ve already pilloried choices in the Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Actress, and Best Actor categories, and now we set our sights on the biggest award of them all: Best Picture.

Without further ado, here are the six most undeserving Academy Award winners for Best Picture. Enjoy!

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From The Resurgent: The Space Poop Challenge: NASA Crowdfunds a Solution to One of the Grossest Problems in the Final Frontier

Last night I was able to show my 11-year-old niece the International Space Station as it flew over Georgia. As a lifelong space nut whose love for manned spaceflight stemmed from my grandfather’s friendship with Apollo 15 astronaut James Irwin, it was fun to share the experience with a new generation.

One thing that didn’t occur to me as we watched the ISS fly over was that they could be struggling with handling their poop. It’s a conundrum as long as the history of long-duration spaceflight itself.

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From PJ Media: The 6 Most Undeserving Best Supporting Actress Oscar Winners

In the days leading up to this year’s Academy Awards, I’m going to look at the four acting categories along with Best Picture and share the most undeserving winners in each category with you. I’ll also speculate on who should have won instead.

Today, let’s take a look at the Best Supporting Actress category. Here are the six most undeserving Oscar recipients. Enjoy!

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From The Resurgent: One Small Coffee Company Has Set A Goal To Hire 10,000 Veterans

Starbucks made waves when CEO Howard Schulz made a commitment to hire 10,000 refugees. The decision generated plenty of negative publicity for the chain, so much so that Schulz has subsequently publicized the company’s veterans’ hiring program – one that has employed 8,800 since 2013.

Now, a small Utah-based coffee company is following in Starbucks’ footsteps, making a commitment to offer employment opportunities to 10,000 veterans over the next six years.

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From PJ Media: Meet Barnacle: The Giant Parking Ticket You Can’t Ignore

Apparently, delinquent parking tickets are a big problem, because inventors keep coming up with ways to make absolutely certain that violators pay. It’s not enough these days to have a paper ticket underneath the windshield wiper of a violator’s car. First there was the boot, which rendered the offending vehicle immobile. And now, meet Barnacle, a parking ticket that driver’s can’t ignore.

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From PJ Media: Here’s What You Need to Know About the New Snapchat ‘Spectacles’ About to Hit the Market

Let’s face it—we live in a world where social media dominates. Practically everybody in the world is recording history as it happens in one way or another through social networking services. We can’t seem to escape it.

Another way social media is changing our world comes via the advent of wearable technology. And later this fall, Snapchat plans to bring those two worlds together in a big way with the launch of Spectacles, sunglasses equipped with tiny video cameras that can post ten-second videos to Snapchat at the behest of the wearer.

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