From The Resurgent: Southern Baptists Issue Resolution Condemning The Alt-Right…But Why Did They Have To?

On Wednesday, 5,000 members of the Southern Baptist Convention approved a resolution condemning the alt-right, a measure that wasn’t as easy as it sounds on the surface.

After the convention passed resolutions condemning Planned Parenthood, denouncing gambling, and advocating “consistent moral character” (including “those leaders who choose not to meet privately with members of the opposite sex who are not their spouse”), Dwight McKissic, a black Baptist pastor from Texas, introduced a resolution against the alt-right.

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From PJ Media: Scientists Attempt to Find Link Between ‘Religious Fundamentalism’ and Brain Damage

It’s precious when scientists try to explain away faith. Because many scientists at the university level today come from a background where faith is an alien concept, we often come across studies that try to attribute belief in the supernatural to evolution or to a trick of the brain.

One new study attempts to link what researchers call “religious fundamentalism” to brain injuries. Scientists at Northwestern University studied nearly 150 Vietnam veterans to determine a link between the two conditions. The conclusion was that “religious fundamentalism” occurred at a higher rate among those with the injuries to the brain…

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From PJ Media: Comedian Stephen Fry Is Under Investigation for Blasphemy in Ireland

The very idea of blasphemy laws sounds so foreign to American ears, doesn’t it? To be honest, when I hear the mention of anti-blasphemy statutes, my mind goes straight to the Middle East and nations that practice Sharia law. But, believe it or not, comedian Stephen Fry is in hot water over blasphemy laws.

The Gardaí—the Irish police—are looking into a complaint from a man in the appropriately named town of Donnybrook who has invoked the country’s Defamation Act over the comedian’s statements on a series called The Meaning of Life.

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From PJ Media: Why We Shouldn’t Put Christian ‘Celebrities’ on a Pedestal

In our modern lifestyle we look for people to place on a pedestal and revere as famous. We love to either vicariously live the life of fame through our celebrity heroes, or we like to pretend that the stars are just like us.

This fact is even true in the modern church. The influence and power that a church can bestow upon its leaders can lead to placing those leaders on a pedestal. But it goes even further to believers who are famous across the nation and the world. We can easily embrace Christian celebrities and turn them into idols.

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From PJ Media: Georgia Assistant Principal in Hot Water After Introducing Yoga to Her Students

Yoga can be a wonderful exercise program. I’ve extolled the virtues of DDP Yoga — a program that I’ve used (and need to use again) to lose weight and become more flexible. I have a friend who teaches Yoga Faith, which combines the breathing and poses of yoga with worship of Jesus.

Naturally, there’s a little controversy when it comes to yoga, and it involves the Eastern (Hindu) spirituality often associated with yoga. In 2010, Albert Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, went on record saying that Christians should not practice yoga.

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From PJ Media: Atheist Group Says College Must Ban Football Coach From Tweeting About God

Hugh Freeze is a terrific football coach. He has taken the University of Mississippi from the lower ranks of the SEC to a contender nearly every year.

Freeze is also a man of deep faith who cares about his players and the Ole Miss family. Back in 2014, the Washington Post profiled the coach in a feature about faith and football in the South. (Hey, didn’t somebody write a book that included those topics?)

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From PJ Media: 3000-Year-Old Donkey Dung May Validate Biblical Account of King Solomon

Poop. Scat. Dung. Whatever we call it, we don’t often think of excrement as having any significance whatsoever. But a recent archaeological find in Israel’s Timna Valley is shedding more light on the historical accuracy of the Bible. A team of archaeologists from the University of Tel Aviv has unearthed 3,000-year-old donkey dung on the site of an old mine that may validate the Biblical account of King Solomon and his immense wealth.

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From PJ Media: The Biggest Reason Millennials Are Leaving the Church Is Not What You Think

If there’s one refrain that the Christian community is hearing over and over again, it’s that millennials are leaving the church in droves. When it comes to millennials leaving the church—and their faith along with it, some say—we hear tons of different reasons why. Some experts insist that it’s because churches don’t worship in certain ways (and, believe me, both traditional and contemporary churches are to blame, depending on which article you read).

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From The Resurgent: New Jersey School System Promotes Islam in Curriculum, But Says that Bible Verses “Belong in Sunday School.”

Two New Jersey moms are under fire for pointing out a middle school curriculum that teaches students about Islam while ignoring Judaism and Christianity.

[Nancy] Gayer pointed out that her son is being taught about the intricacies of the religion in a seventh grade class at Chatham Middle School, including being shown a video explaining the Five Pillars of Islam that featured lines like “Allah is the creator of everything, the one true God.”:

“In my opinion, I call this proselytizing, for by definition of this word it means convert or attempt to convert from one religion, belief or opinion to another,” Gayers said.

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