Creative Arts 90-Day Challenge: Firmly Connected

Chapter Four of Prayer, entitled “Conversation With God,” is my favorite so far. Tim Keller spent a lot of time at the start of the chapter looking at philosophies of language and how God must be able to speak. He then tied these ideas in with the truth that God speaks to us through His Word.

The first conclusion from this discussion so far is that, when we read the Bible in faith, our time in scripture becomes in itself an act of prayer.

The concept that follows is that the Bible is our language-learning laboratory for discovering how to pray:

This was an eye-opening thought to me! I had never considered reading God’s Word as an integral part of my prayer life.

My favorite quote from the chapter tied it all together:

Your prayer must be firmly connected to being grounded in your reading of the Word. This wedding of the Bible and prayer and cause your life down in the real God.

Now I see both my reading of the Word and my prayer life in a whole new light.