Creative Arts 90-Day Challenge: The Desire To Pray

Chapter 2 of Prayer, Tim Keller gave me a pretty hefty gut check. The quote below has led me to really examine my prayer life:

I told a group of staff members in a meeting last week that my prayer life is my constant struggle. I wrestle with praying the same things all the time with little deviation or change. My richest prayers often come when I’m driving; other times they can almost be rote.

Am I beating myself up a little over my prayer life? Possibly. Because I want to pray, and I’m aware of how much I should pray. But does that desire burn within me to inspire passionate communication with God? That’s where I fear I fall short.

For a long time, I’ve desperately sought after a more vibrant prayer life. Maybe it starts with a check of my desire to pray. I’m hoping that as we dig deeper into this book, I’ll discover some of the answers and keys to making prayer more exciting for me.