From The Resurgent: Whoops! Would-Be ISIS Suicide Bomber Prematurely Blows Up As His Colleagues Wish Him Good Luck

We’ve heard so much of the horror of Islamic terror – especially from ISIS – so much over the last few years that it’s easy to assume that they can’t get any more barbaric or cruel. Even they way the celebrate a suicide bomber is beyond the pale.

Apparently, ISIS gives their suicide bombers what they call a “blood party,” a sort of send off where they wish their colleague good luck in committing another bloodbath.

Well, sometimes the horrendous tactics of terrorists can come back to haunt them. The suicide vest of one would-be ISIS suicide bomber prematurely went off during a blood party in Diyala, Iraq, killing the would-be suicide bomber and 11 of his fellow terrorists as they wished him well.

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