From The Resurgent: The Media Covered The Gabby Giffords And Steve Scalise Shootings In Much Different Ways

The parallels between the shooting in Alexandria, VA last week and the 2011 shooting involving Congresswoman Gabby Giffords (D-AZ) are striking. Both involved a member of Congress sustaining critical injuries. In Giffords’ case, the media assumed a political motive for the gunman, while the Alexandria shooter almost certainly was politically motivated. Both shooters turned out to be unhinged.

Comparing the two incidents gets more interesting when you begin to look at the media’s handling of both cases. Over at The Federalist, Joy Pullman has done a tremendous amount of research, combing both LexisNexis and the Wayback Machine to examine the amount of coverage in each situation. What she discovered probably won’t surprise you.

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