A Leap of Faith: One Year Later

A year ago today, I went back to work at Eastridge Community Church. It was a big a leap of faith as when I first joined the staff in 2004 and when I left in 2010. Coming back in October 2014 was like taking a leap of faith onto a rapidly moving train!

It’s been an eventful year. Since last October, we’ve installed an extensive and robust new database, moved the office twice (once into temporary quarters and once into the new permanent digs), rolled out a new vision statement and bold new plans for future campuses, purchased land for our Jackson Lake Campus, and held more funerals than I’ve ever seen in a twelve-month period.

At the same time, we’ve welcomed new guests, seen new ministry partners (members) come on board, baptized tons of folks (including two of my nieces and my brother-in-law), and had the time of our lives. I started leading worship again, taking the stage as a vocalist for the first time in nine years! I’ve grown tremendously as a leader, as a speaker, as a singer, as a creative in general, and as a man of God.

Even though I left a job I loved to come back on staff at ECC, I have no regrets. I love being on staff infinitely more than I did my first go ’round, and I know I’m doing exactly what God has called me to do.

Here’s to the first year – and to many more to come!