Are You Seeking Wisdom?

These past couple of months, I’ve sought to increase my time in God’s Word. I’m in the midst of both of the reading plans at Eastridge, and I’m reading two of them on my own. One of those is a plan to read through the Psalms and Proverbs several times over a year-long period.

This morning, a verse from Proverbs 14 stuck out to me like it never has before. Verse 6 of that chapter reads, “A scoffer seeks wisdom yet finds none, but knowledge is easy to the discerning.”

So much of Proverbs talks about wisdom – and the difference between it and folly – but for some reason this verse resonated with me. I hadn’t thought about this truth much, but it’s not enough to possess wisdom; we must continually seek it and not rest on the wisdom we think we have. To stagnate in wisdom is to stop growing spiritually.

Are you seeking wisdom constantly? Is searching for wisdom part of your ongoing discipleship process? If so, continue to soak up God’s wisdom from His Word, through prayer, and through relationships with other growing followers of Jesus. The pursuit of Godly wisdom is always worth it.