New Adventures In A Familiar Place


It’s nothing short of amazing how God works. When I first “retired” from my staff position at Eastridge Community Church a little over four years ago, I didn’t think I would return. I honestly thought of my staff days as a season that was behind me – a wonderful time, but not what God would have in store for me again.

For the last two-and-a-half years I’ve had a job I enjoyed. It challenged me (mostly because it didn’t fit within the wheelhouse of my natural skills), I loved the people I worked with (still do), and I wasn’t looking to do anything different, unless a full time writing job came around.

A few months back, Kris Hodges invited me to a staff meeting. There I was, surrounded by familiar people. We worshiped and prayed and talked about God’s vision for his church! Then we went to El Charro. I thought, I could do this again…but it’ll never happen.

At that meeting, I felt God tugging on my heart. I thought He was telling me that He was leading me toward a full time writing career, but as time wore on, it seemed like a less specific vision.


A few weeks ago, a long-time friend on staff at Eastridge announced her retirement. I mentioned to Trey Bailey, the Executive Pastor and one of my longest continuous friendships, in passing something to the effect of, “wouldn’t it be nice if I could take Michelle’s place.” It wasn’t necessarily a request for a job, but it set God’s amazing work into motion.

A couple of weeks later, Trey offered me a staff position at Eastridge. It’s the same title I had before – Director of Communications – but the job has been restructured to be far truer to the title than it ever was before, with lots more creative work, which I thrive on!

Some prayers, plans, and a couple of heart-to-heart conversations later, I’ll be back on staff at Eastridge as of October 6. I’m sad to have to say goodbye to my old job, but I’m thrilled at the idea of new adventures in a familiar place.

Doesn’t God do some crazy stuff in our lives?