New At The Macho Sophisticate: Would You Be Caught Dead In A Short Suit?


Just when you thought you’d seen it all, there’s the newest style that the high end fashion designers are trying to foist on us – the short suit. Yes, apparently this is a thing.

Top-dollar retailers like J. Crew, Barneys, and Topman have begun marketing this ridiculous attempt to bring casual and professional together:

J. Crew is offering four different kinds of short suits that cost about $400.

“We have wanted to make a suit short for a long time but knew it had to be just right for it to look good,” reads the product description for one of the suits. “We would like to finally introduce you to the Ludlow short. It has an old-school country club vibe (more ‘Gatsby,’ less ‘Caddyshack’) and is almost guaranteed to win the battle for best-dressed at nearly every summer occasion.”

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