My Guest Post at The New Normal: God, The Gamechanger

When I was a kid – about 9 or 10 – I bought a deck of trick cards. They looked just like a regular deck of cards to an untrained eye. But to me, they were the potential to wow my friends for hours on end with the tricks I had learned. I studied the instructions all weekend and couldn’t wait to go to school on Monday. Boy, were my friends were going to be amazed!

Oh, they were amazed all right…for about 20 minutes. Then I ran out of tricks. Umm, let’s go slide down the slide now, OK? Needless to say, 30 years later, I have not revived my career as a magician. I won’t be appearing suspended in a tank of jello helping David Blaine escape certain doom, and David Copperfield hasn’t asked to share billing with me in Vegas. (But I did get to watch Doug Henning film his entrance into the Magic Kingdom for a TV special at Disney World once…)

In the second chapter of 1 Samuel, Hannah delivers some powerful lyrics of praise after fulfilling her promise to dedicate her son Samuel to the Lord and allow him to live and serve at the temple with the priests. These lines tell the story not of a magician with 20 minutes of card tricks – no, she speaks of the God who changes the game…

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