This Week’s Guest Post at The New Normal: Wake Up Call

There are so many Bible stories that we equate with childhood. Some of us remember hearing a teacher with a flannel-graph and cutouts of apostles, prophets, and, of course Jesus with the white robe and blue sash. I remember Alice Jones (yes, the famous Mrs. Alice even taught me as a kid) and later great youth pastors like Gary and Scott making so many of these famous episodes from God’s Word come to life for me.

And then there’s Judges 19. There are no flannelgraphs to go along with this story and no cute crafts. The kids in E-town won’t see any sketches or sing any songs about this chapter. In fact, if someone made it into a movie, it would be rated R at its mildest, as a story of infidelity, homosexuality, rape, and murder.

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