The Three-Word Prayer Challenge

Today, author Margaret Feinberg issued a challenge on Facebook:

I took the bait tonight…and I’ll tell you, my prayers felt fresher than they have in a long time. This evening, I marveled at some surprisingly eloquent prayers, I laughed at some awkward grammatical constructions, and I distilled my prayers to their essence.

I enjoyed my prayer time in a different way tonight. I need more exercises like these to keep my prayer life more fresh and vibrant.

Why don’t you give the three-word prayer challenge a try? What do you do to bring variety to your prayer life?

2 thoughts on “The Three-Word Prayer Challenge

  1. Ironic, maybe, but David Jeremiah’s devotional today was comparing text messaging to praying. His point was that we should use the theory behind sending little snippets of information and staying connected throughout the busyness of our day and apply them to our relationship with our Heavenly Father. It doesn’t necessarily replace a daily prayer time, but it does keep us mentally and emotionally connected with the Lord all day, moment by moment walking with him.

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