Revolution: Redefined

You may have noticed that I changed the title of my website a while back.

For a while, I called my site Random Thoughts From The Revolution, and that’s still the subtitle. A few months back I made the change for a couple of reasons, but largely because the Occupy movement was heating up and I didn’t want to be confused with them when they co-opted that terminology.

The word revolution is powerful. People across the political spectrum overuse it. Advertisers wear it out. It’s a rallying cry in so many ways. But I can’t help but think that people don’t know what’s truly revolutionary because we’ve overused the word.

The truest revolution began around 2,000 years ago when God Almighty sent His son Jesus to be the atoning sacrifice for sin — then raised Him from the dead. Jesus began to change the world by leading others around Him to follow Him.

At Eastridge, we’ve spent the last couple of weeks in a series entitled Revolution. The idea behind the series is that the revolution is to finish the work that Christ began. Our revolutionary call is to make disciples who love God, love people, and reach the world.

This Sunday, our Lead Pastor Scott Moore shared an engaging, audacious vision to create 100 campuses in 25 years. Many of these new campuses will be across eastern Metro Atlanta and north Georgia — campuses that will require large budgets and teams of volunteers, but many of them will be located in India — campuses we’ll support for a mere $150 a month until they become self-sustaining. It’s a staggeringly large vision, and it’s downright exciting.

As I said before, the revolution is to finish the work that Christ began. It’s the greatest revolution ever sparked, and it’s worldwide. It goes beyond politics, beyond culture, beyond anything we can imagine or put in its way.

It takes revolutionaries to reach the world. I want to be a revolutionary.