Andrew Breitbart, 1969-2012

Andrew Breitbart passed away today. He was only 43, and he leaves behind a wife and four children.

Anytime someone close to my age dies (for the record, he was a little older), it affects me in some way, but Breitbart’s passing really hit me hard. I admired Andrew Breitbart and hoped that one of these days I’d get to meet him. He was one of the Right’s greatest weapons.

Talk about fearless: Andrew Breitbart didn’t give a crap what people thought of them, and he often worked overtime to provoke Leftists. In fact he once said, “I don’t like backing down from a confrontation.” He was tireless, taking a certain glee from dropping bombs on the Left. He was a true pioneer in online media, especially among conservatives. On top of everything else, he was devilishly funny.

In 2011, at the late News Real Blog, I wrote a piece entitled The 5 Best Ways To Destroy  Andrew Breitbart. The title was a tongue-in-cheek way of chronicling the most common attacks against him. In the conclusion, I wrote:

Andrew Breitbart has a bit of an eccentric genius vibe to him, with his low-key, California demeanor and his somewhat disheveled, college professor look. In a way, that’s what he is — a sort of mad scientist of the Right. Without fear, and with just a hint of crazy, he faces mobs of protesters. He mocks his detractors by taking their assaults to a whole new level of publicity and notoriety. He calls out the Left on their hypocrisy, and he does so with aplomb.

Only someone like him could be so thick-skinned. A lesser icon would crumble under such vicious attacks, but not Andrew Breitbart. It’s almost like they make him stronger. And strong, fearless men (and women) are what the Right needs right now — people who can fend off the Left with a smirk and an even better comeback. More power to him.

Imagine my delight when he retweeted my link to the post! It was one of my proudest moments as a writer.

Now, he’s gone, and it’s our fight now. It’s up to the rest of us on the Right to continue the great work that Andrew Breitbart started. Thank God his amazing staff at the Big websites are planning on the next generation of blows to the Left that he recently promised. After all, it’s exactly what he would have wanted.

My prayers go out to his family, friends, and colleagues. His is a big loss for all of us.