Music Monday: My Top Ten Songs Of 2011

In conjunction with my albums list that I published last week, here are my top ten songs of the year… (Links direct to places where you can purchase the songs, and I’ve tried where possible to embed videos for the songs.)

10. Green River Ordinance, “Go Your Own Way” — This is hands down the best cover song I’ve heard this year. GRO took my favorite Fleetwood Mac song and put their own rootsy spin on it. Good stuff.

9. Needtobreathe, “Maybe They’re On To Us” — Among all the great tunes on The Reckoning, this minor-key rocker layers on the instruments and vocals to create an intriguing and unique sound. I can’t help but imagine that this one sounds killer live!

8. The Civil Wars, “Falling” — Think of this one as the anti-love song. In the most delicate way, The Civil Wars sing of a love that’s dying. Achingly beautiful.

7. Lady Antebellum, “Just A Kiss” — Imagine a Disney film ballad done by one of the top names in country-pop music. That’s exactly what this anthem reminds me of. This is one of the most genuinely sweet love songs I’ve ever heard.

6. Casey Darnell, “When The Waters Rise” — This amazing song is a reminder of God’s presence in our lives even in the tough times (especially in the tough times). It has meant a lot to me when I really needed to hear it.

5. Over The Rhine, “Sharpest Blade” — It was hard to pick just one song from The Long Surrender, but this stark ballad was the first song off that album that really grabbed me. A perfect example of Karin Bergquist’s vocal power.

4. R.E.M., “Oh My Heart” — This beautiful track off R.E.M.’s last full-length project has a special significance for me because UGA used it in their Chapel Bell commercial — undoubtedly the best ad the school has ever produced. This is one last sweet swing with a legendary band.

3. Bill Mallonee, “Just To Feel The Heat” — Here’s the best, most infectious track off The Power And The Glory. Bill & Muriah Rose’s voices blend well here, and I love the metaphor of burning down a haunted house to represent letting go of the past.

2. Adele, “Turning Tables” — On an album full of truly heartrending moments, this ballad stands head and shoulders above the rest. Adele wrings every ounce of emotion from the song in an effective way.

1. Matt Redman, “Here For You” — This powerful worship anthem has really struck a chord with the folks at Eastridge. It’s beautiful, meaningful, and worshipful. Matt Redman has done it again, creating a truly memorable worship song.