Joshua 2: She Was A What?!?!?!

I love a good spy story…here’s a really good one.

In chapter 2, Joshua sends spies to scope out Jericho. The spies stayed at the home of Rahab, a prostitute. (If this were a commercial, this is where we’d hear the lame, anachronistic record scratch sound…) She wasn’t a used car salesman or an IRS agent; she was a hooker! Oh, and she was a Gentile too…not exactly a quality in her favor.

The cool thing is that God used Rahab to protect His men, and she was aware of that. Because she allowed God to use her, He protected her and her family. She kept the secret and was rewarded with her life.

I like to think that Rahab repented of her lifestyle and followed God, but I guess we don’t really know…

The thing is, if God can use a woman who used sex and adultery for a living, can’t He use us, even with our failure, foibles, and sin? Can’t we change our ways and allow the sovereign, almighty God to employ us to accomplish his purposes?

The answer is a resounding “yes.”