My Newest Technological Fascination

It goes without saying that I’m obsessed with technology. I love how technology makes life more convenient, how it allows us to have more fun, how it makes us more productive and creative. (Sure, there are downsides to technology, but I firmly believe that they’re outnumbered by the advantages.)

From my Macbook to my Kindle to DirecTV and beyond, I’ve shared with tons of folks about the technology that I love. And I’m ready to add to the list with my new phone: the Samsung Droid Charge. With about a decade’s experience in the cellular phone industry, I’m usually a little jaded when new stuff comes out. I fell in love with the Android platform when I got my first Droid just over a year ago. But when Verizon announced 4G, it was easy to look at it with a little skepticism.

When I first saw the Thunderbolt, Verizon’s first 4G phone, I was mildly impressed. It was brick-y, but it had some cool features, and the 4G was pretty cool. When the Charge first came out, I was skeptical yet again, because the Samsung smartphones I’d seen weren’t good at all. But I got to play with one not long after it came out, and I was hooked. When my Droid started giving me fits, I just happened to turn to a co-worker who gets new phones with alarming frequency, and she had a Charge for sale. I promptly bit.

Simply put…I LOVE THIS PHONE! It’s not only fast in 4G, but it seems to run faster even outside of 4G coverage. The display is crystal clear and is bright even in sunlight. It has a nice feel to it — sturdy, responsive, not too big. Last, but not least, it looks COOL, especially with my red and black case on it.

So there you have it…that’s my latest technological fascination…at least until the next thing comes along. What’s yours?

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