Music Monday: More Melodies I Love

This time last year, I published a list (reposted last week) of songs whose melodies truly resonate with me. They’re not always necessarily what you’d call “pretty” songs, and they’re not always my all-time favorite songs, but their melodies are special nonetheless.

Here’s a sequel to that list, in alphabetical order by song title. Like I say with any of my music lists, I hope reading about these songs will encourage you to check out the artists. Enjoy…

“Astral Days,” Immanu El — So the lyrics don’t exactly make sense…are they broken English or intentionally impressionistic? This Swedish band’s 2007 song is achingly beautiful in any language, especially on the chorus.

“Balloon,” Melanie Penn — This country-ish ballad from one of my favorite singer-songwriters is simply lovely. The melody is an equal partner with the lyrics in demonstrating the mood and feel of the song.

“Cathedrals,” Jump Little Children — Seems like you couldn’t get away from hearing this song on the radio in its day, but it’s actually the only song of theirs I’ve ever heard. The song’s powerful message of appreciating home after traveling is enhanced by the haunting melody.

“Forever Yours,” Tony Terry — This nice little 50’s-style shuffle was a minor hit my freshman year of college. 20 years later, I still like it.

“The Green-Eyed Radio,” Peter Mayer — Peter Mayer plays lead guitar for Jimmy Buffett, but in his own right, he’s a downright eclectic, mostly acoustic singer-songwriter. This is my favorite song of his.

“I Think I Can,” Connor Pledger — My friend Connor has a terrific album with eight great songs on it (check it out here if you’re so inclined), but this one just may have the best melody, along with a personal, yet inspirational, message.

“Island In The Sun,” The Paragons — This rocksteady classic by the guys who brought you “The Tide Is High” over a decade before Blondie made it famous is one of my favorite summertime songs. Good stuff!

“New Favorite,” Alison Krauss & Union Station — Why are so many beautiful songs so sad? This Gillian Welch-penned tune seems to have been tailor made for Alison Krauss’s voice, and the melody couldn’t be any more elegant. The way she sings it, you can almost feel the ache of rejection.

“Shadowfeet,” Brooke Fraser — This was actually the first solo song of Brooke Fraser’s that I ever heard. It’s still my favorite of her songs.

“Stranger By The Day,” Shades Apart — This is another of those songs from the heyday of 99X (Atlanta folks will know what I’m talkin’ about). It’s clever lyrically and musically.

There you go. Now it’s your turn. What are some of your favorite melodies? Feel free to share.