Music Monday: Underrated Gems From The 80s

As an 80s kid, there’s so much music that I love from that era. And it seems like there’s plenty of “lost” music from that time period — songs that weren’t major hits and have gotten sort of forgotten over the years. So, in honor of Music Monday, here are three of my favorite underrated 80s gems (in no particular order)…

Nu Shooz, “Point Of No Return” — Everybody remembers “I Can’t Wait.” It was a big hit on the pop and R&B charts, and it made Nu Shooz a household name…at least for a while. I liked their follow up single, “Point Of No Return,” better.

KC, “Give It Up” — People who grew up in the 70’s recall KC & The Sunshine Band, one of the hottest groups of the early disco era. They simply made some of the best party music of that decade. After the band’s run ended, KC set out on his own, and after a horrific accident and recovery, he had a minor hit on an independent label, which was practically unheard of in the days before indie labels had traction in the music business.

Cock Robin, “When Your Heart Is Weak” — Yeah, it’s a band with a bit of an unfortunate name. Maybe with a better name, this song would’ve gotten more airplay and been a bigger hit. I loved this song as a  teenager, and I still like it a lot today, in spite of the stalker-y vibe of the lyrics.