Nostalgia Trip

Yesterday my mom and I took a trip to Marietta and Smyrna, the area where she grew up and where I spent my first few years. Since we moved to Covington when I was four or five, my memories of living there are fairly vague, yet I have memories of going back to visit and seeing places around the area. It was astounding just how much everything changes.

We started out going by the apartment complex where we lived when I was a toddler. It didn’t look

My Great-Grandmother's old house

nearly like what’s in my  memory. The buildings looked similar, but there were far more trees than I ever remembered, and my mom said they built some new buildings where the old parking lots were. I wish we’d taken pictures there.

Next we visited my great grandmother’s old house in Smyrna. It used to be a tiny house, and I have years and years of fond memories there. We were in for a shock when we saw how much the new owners have changed the house and added on to it. It looks like they may have nearly doubled the square footage! It was a beautiful house, but it just wasn’t the same house that we loved so much. We joked that they messed the house up.

The first house I lived in as a baby

After that we visited the first house my parents owned, where we lived when I was a baby. Obviously I have no memory of the house, and even the pictures I’ve seen of it didn’t quite look the same. It was fun to see the first house where I lived.

Finally, we drove by the house where my mom grew up. She has shared the memories of that house and the years they spent there for as long as I can remember, so it was nice to get to see the place she has talked about for so long. It was almost exactly what I imagined.

It was nice to get to see all these old places,

The house where my mom grew up

and I’m glad we took the time to go. Even though things have changed (and we shouldn’t be surprised at that), there’s something comforting about seeing familiar areas. I’d love the chance to do something like that again.