Music Monday: My Favorite Music From Walt Disney World (In Honor Of 150 Days Until We Go)

One of the greatest things at (and often one of the most overlooked aspects of) Walt Disney World is the music. Throughout the parks and resorts and everything else in between, music is everywhere, setting the mood and enhancing the experience pretty much everywhere you go.

Sometimes the music is obvious, and sometimes it’s subtle. You may never notice it, but I guarantee you if it weren’t there, you’d miss it for sure. Here’s a list of some of my favorite music from the parks, in no particular order…

SpectroMagic — The Magic Kingdom’s SpectroMagic may be my favorite parade in the parks. It’s not currently running, since they brought back the also classic Main Street Electrical Parade, but John Debney’s score for SpectroMagic is one of the most beautiful, stirring pieces of instrumental music I’ve ever heard. It’s also the only parade music in 3/4…or 6/8, if you prefer…time.

“Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life For Me)” — How can you resist it? One of the most iconic rides in the Magic Kingdom was popular enough to inspire its own series of movies (rather than the other way around), and its theme song will stick in my head for hours, whether I hear it on my iPod or in the park. It’s like an audio souvenir.

Christmas Music at Wilderness Lodge — At Christmastime, the music at the parks and resort raises to another level. Imagine the magic of WDW music combined with the enchantment of Christmas music and you get the picture. At no other resort is this better exemplified than at the Wilderness Lodge. The best way I can describe the music at Wilderness Lodge at Christmastime is peaceful. I have it on my iPod, and I enjoy listening to it during the holiday season.

Music on the buses between the parks and resorts — It’s been said that WDW thinks of everything, and it’s absolutely true. Even on the buses between the parks and resorts, there’s music. It becomes a cool anticipation-builder as you’re riding to a park, or it can be relaxing as you’re heading back to your resort. One cool feature of the bus music is that, as the bus heads to a park, the music is upbeat and energetic, while the music on the way back to the resort is relaxing and calming. It’s all by design.

“It’s A Small World” — Yes, it can be annoying, and cutesy, and simple. But it’s reassuring, and it’s a classic song that’s quintessentially Disney. That’s all I need to know.


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