Re-Kindling My Love For Reading

Right around three months ago, when I got my tax refund, I bought a Kindle from Amazon. It was a decision that actually took me months, if not a couple of years, to come to.

At first, I’d been resistant to the idea of a “wireless reading device.” It just sounded crazy to me, and I never thought I’d buy one. I didn’t the Kindle would have the “feel” of holding a book. I definitely didn’t think that a device like a Kindle would have the same sensation as turning a page. I wasn’t completely averse to the idea; I just didn’t think it was for me.

Sometime last year, my pastor Scott Moore ordered one. He talked about the convenience of being able to purchase a book and have it downloaded and installed on his Kindle within seconds…of course that was an attractive feature to me even when I never really dreamed of buying one. He also loved (still loves) the anti-glare screen…again, another great feature.

Later on, my NewsReal Blog editor, David Swindle, was raving about his one day. When I mentioned to him that I wasn’t sure I’d like it, he gently made fun of me for resisting great technology. He sold me on it a little bit more when he mentioned that Kindle users can transfer titles to and from the device at will.

After Christmas, my friends Chris & Missy Thomas showed theirs off to me. Chris had a cover with his that replicated the feel of holding a book in your hand (though much lighter); the cover also had a light. At that point, I actually started to turn toward wanting one.

Fast forward from February to May, and here’s what I’ve observed: I love everything about my Kindle. It’s almost too easy to order new books, because it’s so convenient and many books cost less in Kindle format as opposed to hard cover.

In three months, I’ve read 21 books. You read that right…21. History, politics, fiction, humor, culture, faith…I’ve opened my mind to so much information, inspiration, and entertainment since I got the Kindle. I’ve always been a reader, but I don’t recall ever being quite this voracious.

At the risk of sounding like a commercial, the Kindle really has changed the way I read. And I’ve become an even more eager reader than I’d ever been before. I just wish I’d taken the plunge sooner.

3 thoughts on “Re-Kindling My Love For Reading

  1. I followed the link from RATA and came to look at your blog.

    I am a NOOK fan myself. I bought the NOOK color from barnes and noble and love it.

    I have about a dozen books on it right now and it has actually made me want to read more often because being older and with much weaker eyesite then when I was a youth being able to increase print size is a great plus.

    I am not a Global Warming advocate but I am an advocate of earth stewardship and I believe that things like the nook that save planetary resources on a planet that is exploding in population are good things.

    I should think every Alarmist would own a nook or kindle….but as we all know…most alarmist are really just that way to get more money to redistribute wealth and not really concerned about the planet at all.

    1. You make a great point on the stewardship issue. I’d actually never thought about that. I mainly like the idea of having an entire library at my fingertips if I want it. But the idea of saving trees is a valid one (as is the fact that the global warming crowd are redistributionists at heart).

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