Music Monday: Why I’m Head Over Heels For Adele

For about three years now, I’ve been madly in love with British singer-songwriter Adele, and there are plenty of reasons why.

I first heard of Adele when iTunes featured her single “Hometown Glory” as its free song of the week.  It was a spellbinding song…Adele’s powerhouse voice combined with a sparse, piano-driven accompaniment. I was hooked and waited impatienly for her debut album.

Her 2008 debut album, 19, was a tour-de-force, combining folk with soul and a touch of jazz for a unique sound. This year, her second album, 21, ups the ante by adding even more influences and allowing Adele to spread her wings even more, paving the way for even greater acclaim and success.

So why do I love Adele? I mean, beyond her incredible voice and knack for writing compelling songs? Here’s why: 

  • She’s not afraid to try new things. Adele could’ve easily been just another mindless pop star, albeit one with a tremendously big voice. Instead…and a lot of the credit goes to her record label as well…she has explored coffeehouse folk, jazz, and classic soul styles. On her first tour of the United States, Adele became enamored with country music, and she brought in a touch of country and gospel influences on the new record. She even appeared on a year-end special on CMT to sing a duet of “Need You Now” with Darius Rucker. There’s no pigeonholing Adele.
  • She’s willing to mine the depths of her experience for great songs. Many of the songs on 19 were inspired by Adele’s breakup with her boyfriend, and practically all the songs on 21 were inspired by yet another breakup. Adele understands that truly outstanding songs can stem directly from life experiences.
  • She’s an inspiration to everyone who doesn’t look like the magazines say they should. Adele doesn’t look like a supermodel or pop diva. She has a beauty that’s evident and transcends the ideals set by magazine covers and photo spreads. She recently told an interviewer, “I make music for the ears, not for the eyes.” She’s classy in her own way. She continues to be herself and only herself…good for her.
  • She appears genuine, humble, and down to earth. Adele is clearly grateful for the success she’s had. With her massive success, especially this year, she acts as though it’s all a blessing and a dream come true, and she seems genuinely surprised by it. Here’s hoping she keeps her feet on the ground.

Adele is a truly amazing musical artist. Full of talent, style, and grace, she seems destined for a long career. Here’s hoping…