My First Post At Right Across The Atlantic

As of this weekend, the David Horowitz Freedom Center discontinued NewsReal Blog, where I’ve been writing for almost a year. I’m hoping and praying for more opportunities to write with DHFC. In the meantime, I’ve just begun writing with a website called Right Across The Atlantic, co-edited by my friend and former NRB editor Michael van der Galien. My first post at RATA debuted today. Please support this exciting site. Here’s my post:


How many times have we heard it before? A leader — whether he or she be a politician, a business leader, a religious figure, or a parent — claims to hold up a certain value or expresses loyalty to one cause or another, only to betray that value or cause when the rubber meets the road. When it happens, we hear that leader (at that point, the word “leader” is used loosely) described as a “sellout.” defines a sellout as, “a person who betrays a cause, organization, or the like…”

After this week, Barack Obama can easily be called our first sellout president when it comes to American policy toward the Middle East.

President Obama made a speech at the State Department last week in which he outlined his thoughts and plans regarding the Middle East and North Africa. In the midst of his statements about “self-determination” and the historic events taking place in that part of the world, Obama made some pretty alarming statements.

Much has been made about Obama’s horrendous suggestions to Israel – and those statements are disappointing and alarming – but the president also spoke about American interests in the region in a way that indicates he is willing to subordinate those interests to the interests of Middle Eastern nations.

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