From NewsReal Blog: Buyer’s Remorse?

My “day job” is in the cellular phone industry. One of the service related issues I see the most often are customers who bought a phone at another store but come to me because they’re not happy with it. Maybe they weren’t ready for the latest technology, or maybe they purchased a particular phone because they thought it looked cool but found out it wasn’t what it was cracked up to be (this scenario happens a lot with the iPhone), or maybe they simply don’t like the phone’s features. Of course, we call this phenomenon “buyer’s remorse.”

We see it all the time, whether it involves a car, a television, a piece of furniture, or a computer. Plenty of people walk away from a purchase in which they’ve invested loads of money and time spent researching, only to find they’re not really satisfied with what they’ve brought home. Too often, buyer’s remorse happens when it’s too late and the product cannot be returned. Just this week we’ve come across a clear case of buyer’s remorse in the person of Cornel West.

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