My Thoughts On The Royal Wedding

So the royal wedding is tomorrow, and the hype machine is in full force. I, for one, won’t be watching, but I understand that thousands of people here in American will get up super-early to watch. It’s a big, historic day for the British, but I just don’t understand the hold that this event has on Americans.

I was young when Charles and Diana were married. I wasn’t too young to remember it, but I was too young to care. I know that there certainly wasn’t the 24-hour TMI media culture 30 years ago like we have today, and I only vaguely remember hearing much about it before the wedding.

Nowadays you can’t go very far at all without hearing every minute detail about William and Kate. And it seems like no detail is left unturned. I can’t wrap my mind around the hold that the royal wedding has on people here in the States.

Is there a preoccupation with royalty since we don’t have it here? Does it somehow seem exotic to people? Is it some sort of extension of our celebrity-obsessed culture? I don’t get it, and I really can’t understand why so many people here in American even care about it. I’d love to hear some other folks’ insight and thoughts.

In the meantime, as the coverage frenzy draws nearer, I’ll leave you with a tweet that I absolutely loved from yesterday:!/DeathStarPR/status/63412013308706816