From NewsReal Blog: Vicious Attacks On Andrew Breitbart

I can’t remember who told me this: “People don’t attack you unless they see you as a threat.”

The Left’s biggest targets — from Rush Limbaugh to Ronald Reagan — have been the ones who were capable of the most damage to the progressive cause. That adage must apply to Andrew Breitbart, because the Left hasn’t stopped trying to discredit him and bring him down.

Breitbart has emerged as one of the leading soldiers on the front lines of the cultural war between the Right and the Left. He has called himself a “reluctant cultural warrior,” yet he is unafraid to dive head-first into controversy. Whether he’s calling out the NAACP for accusing Tea Party activists of racism, going toe to toe with the tools at Media Matters, or facing down the worst interviewer in the world, Martin Bashir, Breitbart confronts the Left head on.

His websites — Breitbart.comBreitbart.tvBig HollywoodBig GovernmentBig Journalism,and Big Peace — are popular, and they effectively and often irreverently expose the Left for who they really are. The release of his new book, Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save The World, along with the ensuing book tour and media appearances, have made him an even bigger target as of late.

Andrew Breitbart has been subject to some of the most vicious charges by the Left lately. These assaults range from libel lawsuits and other attempts to paint him as a liar to ugly, uncalled-for personal attacks. These barrages may be different in nature, but they are all vicious in their attempts to drag Breitbart through the mud, and ultimately to end his career.

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