From NewsReal Blog: Bad Medicine

As a kid, I used to hate taking medicine. (Except for orange Triaminic — that stuff was awesome! I tried to fake being sick once just to be able to drink some of it, but my mom was on to me.) Most medicines tasted terrible, and I was just stubborn enough to not want to take them. My mom used to say, “But it’s good for you. It’ll make you feel better.” That didn’t matter. I didn’t want the awful taste, so I simply didn’t want to swallow it.

The Obama administration has mixed up some bitter medicine for the country in their attempt to cure the ills of the nation’s health care system. Interestingly enough, the American people have clamped their mouths shut as tightly as they can, attempting to refuse to swallow the medicine of Obamacare:

A new Associated Press-GfK Poll shows support for President Obama’s health care overhaul is at its lowest level (35 percent) since passage, with opposition at 45 percent. Among seniors, support has dipped below 30 percent for the first time in AP-GfK polling.

But it’s not stopping the federal government from trying to shove the spoon down our throats.

We’re beginning to learn the lengths to which the administration is going in their attempts to sway Americans to accept socialized medicine — and learn to like it.

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