The Value Of Stupidity

This season of Survivor offered an unusual twist that I think has given us one of the best stories in the show’s history. When a contestant is voted off the island, he is sent to Redemption Island, where he must battle another recently voted-off contestant; the one who is left standing at a particular point in the game rejoins the other contestants.

One such contestant is Matt a pre-med student from Nashville. Matt is a believer in Jesus, and he’s apparently trying to play the game with as much integrity and honesty as he can. Unfortunately, he’s also either pretty naive, or he just doesn’t know when to stop talking.

Matt was voted off and sent to Redemption Island the second episode. He successfully fended off all comers until he was inserted into the game at the merge. He promptly said a bit too much to another contestant and was sent right back to Redemption Island. Matt’s story has provided one of those competitors you can’t help but root for.

On this week’s episode, just after he was sent back to Redemption Island, the cameramen caught him praying. At one point he prayed, “Lord, please use my stupidity for Your glory.” I chuckled at first, but then I realized the wisdom in that statement.

We all do and say stupid things. Yes, even I do. But the amazing thing is, God is completely sovereign, and He absolutely can use our stupidity for His glory. The Bible is full of stories that demonstrate that truth…from Jonah to Peter, and so many other examples. And I’m sure all of us can vouch for God’s using our stupidity in surprising and incredible ways.

It’s such an encouraging thing to follow a God who can take the dumb things we do, turn them around, and use them for His glory and purposes. I’m grateful that He’s infinitely smarter and more in control than I am!

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  1. Hey man, it looks like you have been” reading my mail”. Praise the LORD that HE can even use idiots or I would be out of luck. ( Of course, being a Calvinist I don`t believe in luck) but if you need further explanation ,oh well never mind.

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