From NewsReal Blog: Bipartisanship Bites Back

You’d think the Left would be happy. You’d honestly think they’d be jumping for joy. After all, Congress was able to avoid a government shutdown with yet another continuing resolution to keep federal services up and running for at least another week.

Why should the Left be excited about this? The answer is simple: Congressional Democrats stood by with their arms folded, refusing to work with Republicans on moving a real budget forward. The Democrats stood to bear the public relations fallout from a government shutdown for their stubborn inaction. So a resolution to avoid the shutdown theoretically should spare the Democrats a world of hurt.

Crisis averted, right? Not really.

You see, the Left is all up in arms over this stopgap budget deal, largely because it was achieved through bipartisan compromise. Case in point: a post at Daily Kos, written by a blogger calling himself “Meteor Blades” (who, in real life, is Timothy Lange, a “journalist in both alternative and traditional print media” and an “activist on civil rights, anti-imperialism, reproductive rights, environmental advocacy and American Indian issues”).

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