From NewsReal Blog: A Different Kind Of Green

These days, going green costs a lot. There are the added costs of environmentally friendly technologies around your home, from the composting machine to the solar panels on the roof(which run around $24,000) to those aesthetically pleasing compact fluorescent light bulbs. Add to that the extra costs of buying your hybrid automobile, along with the extra maintenance costs to vehicles like that hot little Prius you just bought. Don’t forget to carry along those cute little canvas bags so you don’t have to use paper or plastic at the grocery store.

But at least when you go green you’re sticking it to those evil big businesses, right?

Not so fast, Captain Planet. The next time you hear some environmentalist railing against “big business,” keep this fact in mind: between lobbying, political donations, and advertising costs, the green movement has itself become a high-dollar operation.

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