Blood Covenant

Last night I finished reading an amazing book: Blood Covenant by Michael Franzese (available for Kindle here). His is an amazing story. Franzese grew up the son of a Colombo crime family captain, and Michael worked his way up to a caporegime in the family by the time he was in his mid-20s. His operations largely  involved the oil and gas industry, and he made millions of dollars avoiding gas taxes.

His operations led him into the movie business, where he met Cammy Garcia, a young dancer who became his second wife. And that’s where Michael Franzese’s story takes a fascinating turn. Cammy led him to a relationship with Jesus Christ. That new life and the fact that his crimes caught up with him and he did prison time led him to walk away from the Mafia — and live.

Don’t think I’ve spoiled anything by telling you what the book is about, because this book is absolutely worth reading no matter how much you already know about his story. I’ve learned more about the Mafia than I ever did from The Godfather movies. And I’ve learned more than I ever thought I would about the prison system.

Blood Covenant is definitely worth picking up. To learn more about Michael Franzese, visit