From News Real Blog: Radically Wrong

We on the Right joke about Obama-worshippers a lot. It’s everywhere, from Chris Matthews’ tingling leg to the often dramatic and pretentious photos on the White House Flickr page. While the whole notion of Obama-worship has been a fairly easy and obvious joke, there’s a certain segment of leftists who are so enamored with President Obama that they have become blinded by Obama’s messianic aural glow. These leftists’ full-fledged love affair with him have led to their refusal to see Obama as anything but a mainstream, pragmatic, and even centrist, leader.

The poster child of this political disease is former conservative Andrew Sullivan. Though Sullivan still considers himself a conservative and denies any leftist tendencies, it’s abundantly clear that he has imbibed his share of the Obama Kool-Aid and made the transition to full-fledged member of the Left. Just this week, Sullivan managed to try to paint Obama as some sort of reasonable centrist and slam those who consider Obama to be a radical as extremists.

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