From NewsReal Blog: Leftist Desperation

One of the most iconic movies of my teenage years was Say Anything. The 1989 film starred John Cusack as Lloyd Dobler, a young underachiever who decides to ask out Diane Court, the valedictorian of his senior class. After their relationship gets serious, Diane breaks up with Lloyd under pressure from her father. After the breakup, in an act of total desperation, Lloyd standsunder Diane’s bedroom window, holding a boom box over his head with “their” song, Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes,” blasting from the speakers.

As Lloyd Dobler proved to us in that famous scene, desperation leads people to do some pretty unreasonable, and often stupid, things, no matter what the reason. That’s exactly how the Left is these days. Unable to debate conservatives on the merits of their issues, many Leftists have resorted to straw-grabbing tactics like name calling. When a Leftist is losing an argument, or when the Right chooses to do what the Left won’t, elite Leftists, those self-professed bastions of nuance and intelligence, often jump up to cry “racism” or “bigotry.” We’ve seen it most recently in the furor over the recent congressional hearings on radical Islam, among countless other events.

Now, it seems, the Left’s desperation is getting even worse, as Leftists are scraping the bottom of the barrel for opportunities to level accusations of bigotry. On his blog this weekend, Vanity Faircontributing editor James Wolcott had the audacity to try to make a link between conservatives’ praise of the lack of looting in Japan and racism.

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