An Eventful Weekend

This past weekend was a busy, bittersweet one (with the emphasis on sweet). On Friday, we had my grandmother’s memorial service. Family members and friends came in from all over the country to celebrate and honor her life. I delivered the message (a first for me), and a cousin provided the music. It was a really special time, and I’m grateful to those who helped us put it together. I particularly appreciate our pastor at Eastridge, Scott Moore, along with Linda Miller and ECC’s First Impressions Team for their support. That evening, we had some great family time. Walks in the woods, whiffle ball, and good food. I wish we’d do more things like that as a family.

Saturday was Kenzie’s 6th birthday party! Beyond the fact that I can’t believe she’s turning six this week, it was another hectic, yet fun, time. Did I mention it was HOT? About half a dozen friends and cousins shared in the celebration with Kenzie and the rest of the family. After that, I drove my aunt and uncle to the airport for their flight back to Seattle.

All in all, it was a crazy weekend with a little heaviness and a lot of hard work. But I’m glad to have been able to experience so much rich time with family.