From NewsReal Blog: Refuting MoveOn’s Top 10 Lies About The Republican Budget Proposal

These days the Left is getting pretty predictable. If they’re not engaging in frantic name calling and finger pointing, they’re sticking up for America’s enemies. And, of course, we can count on them to engage in every tactic under the sun in their attempts to undermine the Right.

So, when I was sent the link to a list made by entitled “Top 10 Worst Things about the Republicans’ Immoral Budget,” I wasn’t surprised. After all, we’ve come to count on to not only advocate Leftist positions, but also to do what they can to try to destroy the Right. (And yes, I too saw the irony in the Left making a judgment on what’s moral and what’s not.) The introduction to the list states that:

The GOP’s budget will hurt millions of people – across the country and in your community.

We can rest assured that, according to, the Republican budget plan is out to get seniors, kids, and listeners to public radio. The page has several breathless, urgent statements like “…stop them before it’s too late,” “Join the campaign today,” “Sound the alarm,” and “Make sure your friends see this.” Unfortunately, the list itself is pretty bare boned. There’s precious little elaboration for each list point, and there’s also little documentation, usually one article per issue, to support their wild claims. (See, the Right even creates better list posts than the Left.)

Never fear, dear NewsReal Blog friends, I have endeavored to debunk the list. In the following pages, I’ve taken a look at each of the issues listed by MoveOn, digging beyond the overstatements and misleading information to reveal the truth behind the hype. In the end, I believe you’ll conclude as I have that MoveOn’s attempts to whip their followers into a frenzy is much ado about nothing.

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