A Return To Routine After A Strange Week

It’s so nice to get back to what I can only hope to be a normal day tomorrow. This past week was pretty surreal, and it honestly stretched to about nine days, from last Sunday through today. It’s been a most unusual stretch of days.

Of course, the craziness started last Sunday with the threat of winter weather. Add to that my grandmother’s stroke that evening just as the snow began to fall. It definitely didn’t help to have the snow and ice that kept the whole family inside for pretty much all of five days (with occasional trips out). My sister, brother-in-law, nieces, and I all camped out at my parents’ house all week to save on heating and having to walk up and down the hill.

Then Hadley (my 19 month old niece) burned her hand on my parents’ pellet stove Tuesday night, causing an anguished, painful night for her. She got up Wednesday morning, and hit the ground running, not missing a beat, despite blisters, and later a big bandage on her hand. My sister and mom were able to take her to the doctor on Thursday morning.

On Thursday, I inadvertently dropped my phone in the washing machine. After doing the old bowl-of-rice trick, the phone functioned as a phone, but not as a smart phone. Fortunately, my insurance covered it, and I had a new phone Saturday evening! This weekend I had our Worship Workshop at Eastridge. That took my Friday evening as we set up and took the guest speaker and band to dinner, and my Saturday with the workshop.

Finally, on Sunday, after going to church, back to town for lunch with friends and to the rehab facility where my grandmother is, my truck began running particularly rough, and started smoking from oil on the manifold. My dad looked at it today and thinks that it may be a mere $10 or so fix; in the meantime, while checking my oil, I discovered that somehow one of the spark plug wires came loose, which solved the rough ride (and possibly the oil trouble). Add to that the fact that today was a holiday, which left most of the family at home and made today not feel like a typical weekday.

Over the past nine days, I’ve spent much time in some deep, desperate prayers…for my grandmother, for Hadley, over my truck. Though my grandmother’s situation is still up in the air, we’ve all prayed as a family that God’s will be done. And, strangely enough, I’m at peace with that, though I’m still very much praying for my mom, aunts, and grandfather to have the same peace. The other situations have seen pretty swift and decisive answers to prayer.

I’m most definitely grateful to God for those answers to prayer and the peace that comes with knowing that He’s in control. I’m grateful to the friends, family, and strangers who have prayed with me these last several days.

And I’m grateful that tomorrow looks to be the first “normal” day in quite a few…