Place Cravings

I want to go to Walt Disney World really badly right now. I always want to go, but for some reason I’ve been craving it more than usual these past few days. Maybe it’s wintertime that’s doing it to me. Maybe it’s because I’m working on decorating one of my rooms in an Imagineering theme and have been looking at blueprints from there to order and have framed. Maybe it’s because we talked a few days ago about planning our next family trip for the fall. I don’t know the reason, but I’m craving being there right about now.

I love being at Walt Disney World. For me and my family, there’s no place else, and it’s our favorite vacation destination. I have a sense of the history of the place and an appreciation of what Disney has stood for all these years. I love the creativity and how they go the extra mile to provide the utmost in service. On top of all that, it’s just plan fun being there. I get cravings like this all the time, and nothing short of driving down to Orlando and passing through those gates will satiate those cravings.

There are places that we crave. Walt Disney World stands head and shoulders above everywhere else for me, but there are other places as well. Lots of people crave the beach (for me, that beach is Myrtle Beach), others the mountains. Others crave exotic destinations.

There are plenty of places I want to visit one day; Japan, the UK, and the Holy Land all come to mind for me. And of course there’s always no place like home. But there are those places, like Walt Disney World, that I crave sometimes. And I love to satisfy those cravings.