From News Real Blog: 5 Lesser Known But Equally Insidious Recipients of George Soros’ Money

5 Lesser Known But Equally Insidious Recipients of George Soros’ Money

Much has been said lately about George Soros. Glenn Beck has made Soros a near constant topic of conversation on his radio program, and Beck did a multi-part exposéof Soros on his television show just this past week. With his recent injection of cash into Media Matters for America, Soros managed to keep himself in the headlines.

It’s worth digging in and learning more about George Soros. After all, he’s the man whose father changed the family surname from Schwartz to Soros to hide their Jewish heritage and thus avoid the Nazis. Soros bankrolled Czechoslovakia’s “Velvet Revolution” and claims to have aided in regime change in Georgia, Croatia, and Yugoslavia. He engineered the financial speculation that, in 1992, “broke the Bank of England,” earning a cool billion dollars for himself in the process. And he’s the man who is worth an approximate $13 billion and uses staggering amounts of that money on radical Leftist causes and organizations. His story has all the makings of a terrific movie (at the very least he’d be a great James Bond villain), if it weren’t for the fact that his latest antics are happening right here in the United States.

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