From News Real Blog: 5 Big Reasons For Conservatives To Celebrate the Election Results

5 Big Reasons For Conservatives To Celebrate the Election Results

It’s no doubt that last Tuesday’s election was a historic one. After four years of Democratic control of both houses of Congress and two years of an administration that dragged the country leftward at an alarming rate, Republicans rode a wave of disillusionment with the policies of Barack Obama and his allies in Congress to decisive victories. The GOP gained over 60 House seats and chipped away at the Democratic majority in the Senate. Republicans also made major headway in governorships and other races at the state level. For Republicans, as well as for conservatives in general, it should have been a time of celebration.

However, as last week wore on, the Right was treated to the sound of certain Republican leaders carping about the “failure” of the 2010 midterm elections. Establishment Republicans like Senator Lindsey Graham and former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott actually blamed the Tea Party and conservatives within the party for not nominating candidates that could win certain seats.

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