From News Real Blog: Adding Insult To Injury: Cable Station “Forgets” To Air O’Donnell Ad

Adding Insult To Injury: Cable Station “Forgets” To Air O’Donnell Ad

As if Christine O’Donnell didn’t have enough trouble. She’s struggling behind Democrat Chris Coons in the Delaware Senate race, with polls showing her behind by as much as 29 points. She’s been forced to fend off accusation after accusation maligning her character. She was laughed at uproariously in a debate when she stated that the phrase “separation of church and state” is not in the Constitution. (It’s not.) Now, on top of all that, she’s having to deal with a cable station failing to air her infomercial.

The O’Donnell team was looking for a chance to give her flailing campaign a shot in the arm, so they produced a 30-minute ad (essentially an infomercial) entitled We The People Of The First State. Because the ad was conceived and produced so late in the game, network stations in the Delaware and Philadelphia markets simply didn’t have the time to air it. So the team went to a public access cable station, Delaware Channel 28, who agreed to air the spot. They had every reason to believe that the ad would run as promised.

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