The Autumn Of Our Discontent

The Georgia Bulldogs are 1-4 as of this week. As a lifelong Dawgs fan, I not used to a record like that. Along with the rest of the Bulldog Nation, I’m trying to figure out what has gone wrong. We have so much talent between the players and the coaching staff, and as a program we have a history of success. So why are we 1-4 (and 0-3 in the SEC)?

This is definitely not a perfect team. Our quarterback is young. Our defense is in a learning curve with a new coordinator and a new system. But neither of those factors alone should account for the team’s performance. Special teams have been uneven, for sure, and the Dawgs have failed so seize on plenty of opportunities that could have made some big differences. The offensive line has struggled, and play calling has been far less than stellar at times. We’ve come so close so many times so far this season. There are plenty of small factors that have added up to more than the sum of their parts.

Personally, I think there’s a psychological factor. I don’t know if it happened at the South Carolina game, or at the Arkansas game, or where it took place, but I think the Bulldogs have lost the taste of winning. They seem to have forgotten what it’s like to be victorious. I think once they win again, they’ll remember, and maybe we can salvage what’s left of the season. At least I hope so.

There are tons of dejected fans in the Bulldog Nation, and some of them may have thought the unthinkable. ESPN did a piece on Saturday about the dissatisfaction the fans have with UGA. Let’s face it, ESPN is not made up of Georgia fans by any stretch of the imagination, but I think they went to an unfortunate extreme. While Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit stood up for Coach Richt…and I sincerely appreciate that of them, the bulk of the piece made it out to look like most UGA fans want Coach Richt gone, and Chris Fowler even went so far as to suggest that Dawgs fans want Jim Harbaugh to take his place. (For the record, I haven’t heard the Harbaugh suggestion; though I do think of Harbaugh as a good coach, I found the suggestion to be irresponsible.)

I’m not giving up on the Dawgs. It’s an extremely tough season, no doubt, but we’ll get through this. This year may not be salvageable, but there are better days around the corner. I refuse to give up on this team…I won’t turn by back on these coaches. I believe there are championships and awards and records and acclaim and accolades somewhere in these guys, and I believe that Coach Mark Richt will be around to coach them for years to come.

We’re in some hard times, but it’s always great to be a Georgia Bulldog. It’s frustrating and disheartening, but I’m a fan through thick and thin. Dawg fans, are you with me?


7 thoughts on “The Autumn Of Our Discontent

    1. Thanks! One thing I should’ve added is that this season, we’ll be able to tell the true fans from the fair weather fans…

  1. Basically we’re few fumbles and a sack away from possibly being 4-1. The SC game is the only one where I thought we were just totally manhandled and did not deserve to win…”Snakebit”–a term that could definitely describe us right now; however, as you said, a little taste of winning could go a long way. I think if we beat UT we might be looking at 6-6 or 7-5. But….but, if we lose, I could see the wheels totally coming off on the way to a 3-9 or 2-10 record and as much as I love Richt–I just don’t see him surviving that. Saturday’s a big day boys!

    1. So true. The next few games are must wins, both for the psyche of the team and for the coaching staff, I’m afraid.

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