From News Real Blog: 10 Reasons Why Obama’s Is The Most Failed Presidency In Modern Times

10 Reasons Why Obama’s Is The Most Failed Presidency In Modern Times

On November 2008, Barack Obama was elected 44th President of the United States. His election was a truly historic moment, not only because he was the first African-American elected to the nation’s highest office, but also because Obama promised so much during the campaign.

Obama promised to be a post-partisan, post racial president. He promised hope, change, and a new era of transparency. Obama and his supporters insisted that he was entirely qualified to lead the country, despite his lack of leadership experience and the vague substance of his campaign promises. His entire campaign was based on the idea that he was completely different from anyone who served in the Oval Office before.

The reality is that the Obama presidency has fallen far short of the high expectations. In generally every area, the new administration has failed to deliver on its lofty promises. Obama has proven himself to be quite tone deaf to the needs — and will — of the American electorate. Never before have arrogance and inexperience converged in such a way as they have in the White House since January 2009.

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