From News Real Blog: The Left’s Smoking Guns Of “Hate” And “Islamophobia” Fire Blanks

The Left’s Smoking Guns Of “Hate” And “Islamophobia” Fire Blanks

I’ve always been a little dismayed that, with all the talent that they presumably have on their side, the Left can’t come up with anything better to pin on conservatives than the predictable epithets they usually trot out. “Racist! Bigot! Hateful!” They just can’t seem to come up with anything better. Even their latest hit, “Islamophobe,” is nothing more than a riff on the same, tired monikers they’ve used for too many years.

Lately, the Left has been trying on “violent” for size. It seems that every chance they get, Leftists are trying to portray the Right, more specifically, the Tea Party movement and the groundswell against the Cordoba Center/Park 51 project, as prone to violence. They want nothing more than to have their assumption proven right that all of us on the Right are crazies ready to spring into violent action against those we hate. Leftist writers will even jump to conclusions to make that point.

The last two weeks should have been banner weeks for the Left, with the shocking firebombing of a Democratic congressman’s office and a vicious attack on a New York City cab driver that, at least on the surface, appeared to be religiously motivated. In both instances, journalists and bloggers on the Left rushed to lay the acts of violence at the feet of the Right. Unfortunately for them, the coverage of both incidents have become further proof that the Left’s smoking guns all too often fire blanks.

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