From News Real Blog: Stretching It: Glenn Beck’s “Endorsement” Of Ground Zero Imam

I’m excited! My first post for News Real Blog, the blog of David Horowitz’s Freedom Center, was published this morning.

Stretching It: Glenn Beck’s “Endorsement” Of Ground Zero Imam

One of my favorite toys growing up was the Slinky. It was the simplest of inventions, just a metal spring. I could walk it down the stairs for hours – I was easily entertained back then, I guess. Inevitably, I or one of my friends would stretch the Slinky too far, and it would twist up or bounce back into a knot that was impossible to untangle. Particularly inept friends of mine could ruin a Slinky the same day they bought it. And it happened time and time again.

Nowadays, the Slinky twisters work at places like Media Matters for America and the Huffington Post, but they’re twisting something far more damaging – the truth. Witness this week’s ridiculous attempt to smear the name of Glenn Beck based on a perfectly innocent 2006 morning show appearance.

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  1. Fantastic article on “10 Musicians Who Rock The Right” I really enjoyed it.
    It would be awesome if you could do one about the Grassroots Musicians who have been playing at TEA parties and Rallies all across America firing up the people to vote.
    I’d like to feature your blog at my Ning site…give me a shout if your interested.
    Keep up the fantastic work!


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